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Who We Are

"From its unique vantage point as the statewide coalition, JDI helps us all connect the dots between policy, practice and services and strengthens our work in the communities we serve." ~ Linda Cavaioli, Executive Director, YWCA of Central Massachusetts

JDI's Members

The members of Jane Doe Inc. voluntarily join in coalition to strengthen the statewide network of services and to effect broad-based social change. Recognizing that their continued strength lies in their capacity to work collectively, the members have adopted principles of unity that reflect our shared values.

Sixty sexual and domestic violence programs and organizations in Massachusetts make up the JDI membership. These programs are as diverse as the communities they serve. Some are independent non-profits that cover more than 30 cities and towns; some address the needs of specific cultural communities; others are programs within larger social service agencies, health centers and hospitals.  Each member is the hub of expertise within their community - offering knowledge, experience, and leadership - to ensure victim-centered and trauma-informed responses, education, and prevention efforts.

The member organizations of Jane Doe Inc. offer a lifeline to victims and survivors of violence and their families. Crisis hotlines, emergency and transitional housing, legal and medical advocacy, educational and support groups, counseling, advocacy, safety planning, children's advocacy, and economic development programs are just some examples of services available.

Our members are also committed to preventing sexual and domestic violence from ever occurring.  They provide an array of innovative approaches including mobilizing communities as active bystanders, engaging men and boys locally, working with youth in schools and neighborhoods and promoting healthy relationships.

Each member organization relies on the generosity of donations and volunteer resources to ensure that services are available to survivors for both immediate needs and longer term healing. While JDI advocates for public and private funding for these services, JDI does not provide any funding directly to its member organizations.

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