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"Jane Doe Inc. keeps us grounded in the current policy developments, information, and emerging topics in domestic and sexual violence. Through their system change work and government relations, they rise our voice and share survivors’ concerns and needs. I can’t imagine leading a local agency without the support and expertise that I receive as a member of JDI. " ~ Marianne Winters - Executive Director at Safe Passage Inc.

JDI Membership's Statement of Core Values

Safety: We believe in the right to live free from violence and the fear of violence.

Empowerment and self-determination:We believe in the right to have control over one’s body, mind and spirit.

Social Change: We believe in the power to affect broad social change through individual and collective action.

Equity: We believe in acknowledging and responding to inequities that impact the:political, economic and social rights of all people, with a strong emphasis on those communities that are most marginalized and vulnerable. We also embrace an intersectional approach grounded in a social justice framework that encompasses addressing the root causes of oppression and violence.

Respect: We value respect as a guiding principle in all of our work.

Diversity and Inclusion: We believe in the strength of diversity and embrace differences among ourselves and within/among communities,

Survivors’ Healing and Leadership: We affirm the strength, healing capacity, and leadership of survivors.

Confidentiality: We affirm the right of every survivor to confidentiality in their communications with counselors and advocates and in stances that apply, will adhere to confidentiality statutes.

Accountability: We believe that there should be accountability for those who perpetrate sexual and domestic violence and that options for accountability must extend beyond the criminal justice system and its inherent limitations. Those who commit sexual and domestic violence should be held fully and solely accountable for their actions.

Systems Accountability: We believe that social systems and institutions should be held accountable for ending the conditions that foster sexual and domestic violence, and should honor the rights of survivors to justice, safety and healing.

Unity and Collaboration: We affirm the power of collective and collaborative efforts.

Growth:  We affirm the importance of personal, professional and organizational growth.

Survivor-centered Programming: We believe in the critical importance of a highly effective statewide coordinated network of survivor-centered community-based services for survivors and their children.

Legacy:  We believe in the importance of understanding and remembering the history of the movements to end battering, rape, and all sexual assault and domestic violence and the contributions, limitations and evolving responses to promote justice and dignity.

Advocacy: We agree to work collectively to create and support public policy and budget initiatives at the state and national levels.  We recognize the critical importance of a unified budget and legislative strategy in the national and state political arenas, and that our collective power is dissipated through fragmentation and division in our advocacy.  We agree not to seek new legislative earmarking of state or federal funds for our individual programs, except as part of a coordinated coalition strategy.

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