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JDI 411 - Technical Assistance

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On any given day, JDI staff is providing support and assistance to a member program, finding a referral for a survivor, answering a question from a professor (or student!), sharing information with a reporter, and offering a range of other technical assistance.


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What's Happening

"Educating our communities and elected officials about the needs of survivors in our local cities and towns requires year round focus. JDI is our pathway to informing and influencing the state and national agenda to end sexual and domestic violence." ~ Karen Cavanaugh, Executive Director of Womanshelter/Companeras. PICTURE: Staff from The Center for Hope & Healing with Attorney General Maura Healey at JDI Advocacy Day.

Movement Building: Networking, Support and Training

As part of the movement to end gender-based violence, Jane Doe Inc. (JDI) and our members share a vision for a world free of inequality, oppression, and violence. Being a guardian for this movement is at the core of JDI’s work. Our commitment is to ensure a strong, vibrant, sustainable, and flexible movement through networking, support, and training in combination with our advocacy efforts. These activities and priorities reflect the needs and diversity of our sixty-plus member programs and the victims, survivors, families, and communities they serve.

Whether we are offering training, advocating for a law, or promoting a campaign, we engage the JDI membership in developing comprehensive solutions in a culturally responsive framework that is both trauma and survivor informed. We also look for opportunities to highlight their expertise and successes and to create new relationships that will enhance their capacity and sustainability.

The result is a strong network of advocates and programs that are mutually accountable to each other as well as to survivors and their communities. From this position, advocates and programs can provide essential leadership to enhance safety and dignity of victims and survivors and their children, to hold perpetrators accountable, and to make their communities safer.


JDI staff members serve as liaisons with our member organizations, getting to know the programs, their staff, and deepening our understanding of the expertise, needs, challenges, and strengths of our members and their communities across Massachusetts. These relationships also help the programs feel more a part of and stay more connected to the coalition.

JDI also facilitates numerous opportunities for staff at member programs to network with one another. Affinity groups bring together people doing similar work such as education, training, fundraising, and advocacy. Our new password protected member only website aims to maximize technology to further enhance networking.


Technical assistance, networking, resource-sharing, training, and other activities are all designed to provide support to the members and other allies. JDI staff provide assistance to our members and a wide range of other entities seeking advice, information, referrals, and support. Technical assistance and support might involve an intensive orienation for a member's new exective director, drafting a press release, or thinking through a particularly difficult situation with a survivor.

Bearing witness to and helping victims, survivors, and communities heal from violence is rewarding. At the same time, this work can take a toll. JDI takes seriously our responsibility to create an environment that sustains the individuals doing the work.

JDI also seeks opportunities to foster continued learning and leadership development, especially among advocates of color.  For instance, JDI supports members attendance at events such as the National Women of Color Network National Conference, the National Sexual Violence Conference, and the National Network to End Domestic Violence Annual Meeting.


Formal and informal training helps our members and other systems and providers integrate best practices and be responsive to the emerging needs of survivors and victims.

JDI’s Training Institute is our primary education tool for learning opportunities on important issues to the field. Annually, we offer dozens of workshops and other activities that facilitate skill development, networking, and knowledge and resource sharing of best practices among staff in various roles from advocates and educators to program directors. We pull from the expertise of our member programs for many of the trainers.  In 2011, JDI launched the "New Director Institute" to much acclaim.

The training topics reflect needs identified by members as well as JDI’s assessment of emerging national and state issues in the broader movement to end sexual and domestic violence. JDI staff also provides input on training topics to address emerging needs based upon their interactions with member programs.

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