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The voices of survivors, member programs, and community allies, joining together in one voice, are essential in order to affect social change to end violence and oppression in our society. Every voice is important.

Here are ways you can help:

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  • Ask your local member program how you can help.
  • Receive JDI’s action alerts and know when to act.
  • Let your elected officials know these issues are important to you. Find contact information at http://www.wheredoivotema.com.

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"I spoke out to put a face to the issue for the millions of women, men and children who suffer in silence and to say that you are not alone. Help is available." ~ Ayanna Pressley, Boston City Councilor (Photo by Christopher Mason)

2 days, 4 laws: ACT NOW

You can make a difference!  Help pass these four important measures before the end of the Legislative session on Tuedsay, July 31, 18 at midnight.  When you call, remember to identify yourself as a constituent in their district.

** And start by thanking them for supporting a $3 million increase in prioritizing the needs of survivors and funding for sexual assault and domestic violence services in the FY2019 Budget.  ** 

The funding increase is a huge victory and a testament to the power of advocacy and action.  We can't rest on our laurels, so join us in continuing to rase our collective voices to move these other items forward.

Here's a quick recap and action steps.


The House voted unanimously to advance the Campus Climate Survey bill, requiring biennial climate surveys at all higher ed institutions and establishing a task force to develop a model survey. This is great news but now for the bill to be finalized, the Senate will have to vote to approve before July 31

  • PLEASE call your Senator today to ask them to vote in favor of this important legislation.


Let's make sure they know that we know: the budget vote was not their last option to protect immigrants, and they can still make this right by passing these provisions now.

  • Please take 30 seconds to call or email both your Representative and your Senator; you can also call Speaker DeLeo's office at 617-722-2500.
  • Use the message below, or you can use MIRA's Phone2Action page, which allows you to call or email your legislators with one click: http://bit.ly/SCA-MA.

The message: Aggressive immigration enforcement is tearing families apart every day right here in Massachusetts. This is a crisis, and we can't wait another year to address it.

Please find a way to pass the four basic protections for immigrants that were included in the Senate budget. As your constituent, I expect you to fight for the most vulnerable members of our Commonwealth. Don't let this injustice stand. Please urge leadership to bring these protections to a vote, one way or another, before midnight on July 31. Thank you!


The Senate adopted the language of the Defense Against Abusive Waivers (DAWA) bill (amendment #148, filed by Sen. Creem) into the Economic Development bill  (S2625). JDI has supported this bill for many years— making it unlawful for employers to require employees to sign away their rights and remedies in the event of future claims of discrimination, retaliation or harassment. The House did not adopt this language in their version of the bill, but it now means that it could be negotiated in the final bill!

  • PLEASE contact House and Senate Leadership and ask that they include this language in the final Economic Development bill.


Governor Baker vetoed the budget provisions that would Lift the Cap on Kids and instead proposed an amendment that would repeal the family cap but also count a disabled parent’s SSI benefits in calculating children’s TAFDC!  His veto message and the amendment language is in Attachment E to his budget letter here

The Legislature already rejected these changes in each of the last two years!  Once again he is trying to force these changes by vetoing language in the TAFDC line item (4403-2000) that the Legislature put in specifically to prevent him from making these cuts.   

Here's the facts: 

  • Last year, the Baker Administration estimated that counting the parent’s SSI would result in drastic benefits cuts for 6,800 children. 
  • Most of these vulnerable families would be left with only $780 a month in cash income.  Many would not be able to pay rent and would become homeless.

Please make 2 calls:

  • Call Speaker DeLeo at 617-722-2500 and ask him to reject the Governor's amendment in Attachment E, override his TAFDC veto (line item 4403-2000) and reenact family cap repeal.
  • Call and ask your Representative to urge Leadership to reject the Governor's amendment in Attachment E, override his TAFDC veto (line item 4403-2000) and reenact family cap repeal.

You can find your Legislators and their contact information here:  wheredoivotema.com.  

If you know your State Representative and Senator, you can look up legislators’ phone number here: malegislature.gov.

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